In general, I trust the people of North Carolina to make wise decisions rather than have a ‘one-size-fits all’ mandate from the Governor.  To date, we have lost a total of about 2000 residents to this plague.  Although this pandemic is very serious and every life is precious, on average we lose about 1800 residents a day to all causes in North Carolina. 

We should:

  • Follow the science.  We know that curbing the spread means proper and frequent washing of hands, avoiding prolonged contact closer than 6 feet with those infected and having those who might be infected wear a mask.  We also know those over 65 with co-morbidities are especially vulnerable to serious cases.
  • Protect the vulnerable.  Given the risk to the elderly and infirm, we should require nursing homes and other places housing the elderly or where elderly meet to provide a plan for mitigation of contact.
  • Mental health is as important as physical health.  Humans are social beings.  The suicide rate is up and the rate of depression is up because of the isolation and separation.  Gatherings such as church services, weddings, parties can be held safely, using hand sanitizers, masks, social distancing and common sense. 
  • School choice. If schools don’t have in person instruction, or have limited in person instruction, parents should be allowed to take the money allocated for teachers and buildings and use it to go to another school.
  • Don’t make this a false choice. The choice isn’t jobs or health. Other countries have similar mortality rates without locking down society. If we follow the guidelines provided by the science, we can operate without extraordinary danger but still maintain a vibrant North Carolina economy. In particular, schools can open on a restricted basis without great risk to student or teacher. The same applies to most businesses.


Where does my opponent stand on this issue?