Economic Development

Businesses come to North Carolina bringing jobs because this state offers security, a high quality of life, low taxes, solid infrastructure, and a trained labor force. We cannot allow our state to follow the path of many ‘blue’ states.  

Problems - 

  • Supply lines located in countries with hostile attitudes towards us.  
  • Lack of appreciation about the relationship between public safety and economic performance.
  • Lack of understanding about the relationship between property tax rates and economic performance.


Pro-Worker, Pro-Family, Pro-Life Solutions -  As your representative, I will:

  1. Fully fund police forces in order to keep private property safe and attractive for business expansion. 
  2. Create high-paying jobs by relocating manufacturing jobs from communist countries to designated Economic Opportunity Zones in NC.
  3. Develop a Taxpayer Bill of Rights that includes: 1. a repeal the current corporate and personal income tax regime in favor of a growth-oriented sales tax regime.  This will allow us to compete against FL and TN in our quest to recruit businesses / high-paying jobs from the northeastern states.  2. a formula to cap all tax rate increases so that business can plan for the long-term.  
  4. Call on the NC Sec of Labor to be much more transparent about foreign worker visa information so that we can be assured that we're truly hiring the best-and-brightest while not unfairly disenfranchising any qualified local talent.

Where does my opponent stand on these issues?