Education is the most critical function for our children and for our future.  Democrat party leaders such as the Clintons, the Obamas, and the Coopers realize this and have chosen private schools for their own children.  In fact, Former Sec of State John F Kerry was educated in a private school in France; and I'm impressed by his French skills some 50 years afterwards! 

Like these Democrat party leaders, I believe that private schools are sometimes the best choice in education.  I cannot understand why Democrats want to deny us educational freedom when they believe in it FOR THEMSELVES!  Once again, its "choice for me but not for thee"!  

For my parents, the right choice was to send me to private school.  For my wife and me, the best choice was to send our foster-daughter to a public high school.  Now, my wife is leaning toward homeschooling our foster-granddaughter. 


Problems -

  • Skyrocketing costs with no commensurate return in terms of test scores.  Chinchy merit bonuses.    
  • Lack of alternative choices for working and low-income parents resulting in cycles of poverty, racial tensions, economic class tensions.
  • High-Tech's need to import foreign workers due to a poorly-educated local talent pool.   
  • Teachers' Unions desire to control curriculums at all public, private, and homeschools to further anti-American sentiments.



Pro-Worker, Pro-Family, Pro-Life Solutions - As your representative, I will:

  1. Lift the caps on real school choice through the NC Opportunity Scholarship Program.  
  2. Support meaningful merit-based bonuses for public school teachers that are funded by saving accrued from the NC Opportunity Scholarship Program.  
  3. Fully-paid tuitions to private schools that agree to open satellite schools in economically distressed neighborhoods for a limited number of years if the school agrees to take in all local applicants.  This will attract young urban professional families to move into the neighborhoods due to the real estate bargains and free private schooling.  It will eventually appreciate the values of homes.  (Dr. Bartley Danielson, NCSU Professor of Economics)
  4. Legislation to stop Teachers Unions invasion of NC's educational system. 



Where does my opponent stand on these critical issues?