Global Economy

Through the fashioning of supply chains to foreign manufacturing facilities, the tech industry has created a global economy and improved our lives and standard of living.  We should fully participate in the global economy but we can’t let other countries take advantage of us or weaken our security either.

Problem -

We've learned that many of our medical supplies are sourced from China, making us vulnerable in emergencies such as COVID 19. Moreover, we give thousands of H1-B visas to citizens of other countries who work for tech industries at lower wages.  There are many STEM workers in the triangle and elsewhere who need and deserve these jobs.


Pro-Worker, Pro-Family, Pro-Life Solutions - As your representative, I will:

  1. Work to pass legislation to encourage local employers to hire North Carolinians
  2. Work to restrict sourcing critical products from China.

Where does my opponent stand on these critical issues?


Introducing my family to one of my French professors at the US Military Academy.  Commandant Millot was a real bad-ass French paratrooper!  We had lots of fun in his class discussing international affairs, sports, military affairs, and french cuisine.  It was a real challenge to engage with him and my classmates solely in French.  He was a great teacher and inspiration to those of us aspiring to become US Army Rangers.