Every family in North Carolina faces continuing increases in health care premiums and deductibles.  We need to unleash the power of competition and buyer power to combat this.   In no other purchase does one find out the cost of services after-the-fact. 


Problems - 

  • Skyrocketing costs in terms of monthly premiums 
  • Commonly needed services are not covered until a super-high deductible is met.  
  • Complexity of the system leads to too many people just giving up and going to the Emergency Room at the hospital.
  • Fear of surprise billing leads too many to avoid recommended care.  
  • Lack of price transparency leads service providers to recommend unnecessary diagnostics because they don't know the costs to the patients.   
  • Delayed billing leads to financial challenges such as credit score penalties, delinquent medical bills, bankruptcy declarations.  This affects job prospects, substance abuse.  
  • Lack of control over runaway Medicaid spending due to "virtue-signaling" and the feeling that others will pay for it.  


Pro-Worker, Pro-Family, Pro-Life Solutions - As your representative, I will:

  1. Work to ensure Price Transparency - No more Surprise Billing!  No more fears about using the ultra-complex system. 
  2. Repeal of the CON law (Certificate of Need) that artificially restricts the supply of medical services.  
  3. Association Healthcare Plans Law (SB 80) for small businesses 
  4. Ensure that illegal aliens are ineligible to apply for Medicaid in NC.
Where does my opponent stand on these critical issues?