Public Safety

I am appalled at the violence we see in Democrat-run cities all over the US!  As Americans, we can disagree, even vehemently.  However, we cannot accept violent assaults, looting, or rioting. 

In listening to and watching Democrats, I've come to learn that they definitely believe in the right to armed protection - FOR THEMSELVES!  When it's a taxpayer-paid security detail for themselves, they're all for assault-style weapons with high-capacity magazines.  For the rest of us, they believe that the 2nd Amendment means that we have a right to hunt ducks and nothing more! 

In listening to and watching Democrats, I've come to learn that they are definitely pro-life - FOR THEMSELVES and THEIR FAMILIES!  For the rest of us; our lives, our properties, and our businesses are not worth so much! 

Problems - 

  • Defunding the police - resulting in danger to life AND property (lower property values, higher insurance costs, higher property taxes to pay for the damages, higher interest rates due to higher Loan-to-Values.)   
  • DA's that are charging too lightly or not at all.
  • Artificial backlogs for pistol permits and Concealed Carry licenses resulting in 2 applications of the 2nd Amendment - 1 for the political class (taxpayer-funded, 24-hr protection) and another for the rest of us (Gun Free Zone signs, delayed permits.)



Pro-Worker, Pro-Family, Pro-Life Solutions - As your representative, I will:

  1. Fight to ensure North Carolina's law enforcement agencies are professionally trained and highly resourced. 
  2. Support legislation which limits the discretion prosecutors and other judicial officials have to reduce bail to zero or to not charge felons for violent crimes.
  3. Fight attempts to reduce the rights secured by the Second Amendment
  4. Fight to outlaw ‘sanctuary cities’ in North Carolina and to prosecute all violators of the law.
  5. Support legislation to enhance security for our schools such as the School Resource Officer program (SRO's).  


Where does my opponent stand on these critical issues?